Chapter One

A week had passed since we landed on the island. While we still hoped to one day be rescued, we were quickly becoming adapted to fending for ourselves since most of us were already pretty into our hobbies. Leif’s fishing was the biggest help to us since my plants were still barely beginning to sprout. Leif knew we needed him to eat, so he fished all day long, everyday. Ahhh, I swear this boy needs to stop turning me down already!

But Leif had other plans I guess, he was always talking to Calamine, even though he knew my brother Anthony liked her. Oh well, Anthony was too into his paintings to even notice. I noticed though, and I’m not gonna lie, I hated it!

The villagers that lived next to us occasionally came to check up on us, but I guess they decided we were ok on our own after a day or two because the elder never really came by anymore. Billy, the youngest of the tribe loved to come over and play with Cory and Neo everyday though, which must have been nice for him since he was the ony one his age on the island before we came along.

Eventually, we started to feel bad that Leif was doing all the work just to feed us, so I asked him to teach me how to fish. Of course Calamine decided it would be the perfect oppurtunity to interfere. (did I mention I strongly dislike this girl?) Luckily Leif had brought his collection of fishing rods with him, meaning he had plenty of rods for every one. As we got into the actual fishing though, I couldn’t help but giggle at how stupid Calamine looked. She was standing next to Leif, but she faced away from him; I guess she didn’t want him to see her face. it was obvious she hated it.

I, for one, was actually enjoying myself. I liked actually being able to fish for my own dinner, and it was pretty relaxing. Now I see how Leif could do all the fishing so voluntarily. Even Anthony decided to join in! Within a matter of seconds, he had already caught his first fish and it was bigger than any fish I had ever seen in my life! Show off much?

As the sun set, the fish started to bite less and less. Even Leif was only able to catch some piles of sludge every now and then. We gave up and decided to get ready for dinner.

The next morning, I woke up to find Leah-Michelle standing outside of my tent.
“Leah, what’s wrong? Are you upset?”
“Sis, I don’t think we’re ever getting off this island.” I could tell she was trying to hold back her tears. “I miss Tori and John and mom and dad…”
“I miss them too Leah, but we have no way off. Even if we could fix the boat, we don’t know how to navagate home and I don’t want to risk us dying when we’re doing alright right now. I’m sure if we’re patient enough, someone will find us eventually.”
She didn’t look to convinced, but she picked up her fishing rod and just said ok as she headed towards the pond to fish. I felt bad, I knew this was hard on everyone, but we knew we were doing the best we could to get by until someone would finally come and rescue us.

One good thing happened that morning. Leif talked to me! On his own without me having to bother him! It wasn’t much, but at least it was a start.
“Hey Peaches.”
“Hey Leif!!”
“Hey, do you know when your plants will be ready? I’m kinda getting sick of eating nothing but fish. Haha”
“Oh they’ll be ready in a few days!!” I put on my ‘sexy voice’ and continued with “and you’ll be the first to try my sweet apples.”
He just looked at me. I wouldn’t say it was really a disgusted look. More like confused, but I know he knew what I meant. He was just pretending to not be interested because Calamine was sitting in in the background and was able to hear everything we were saying. Now who’s winning Calamine!?!?

Well apparently, I wasn’t ‘winning’ either. Georgia came to me later that day saying that Calamine told her what I had said to Leif. When she repeated it back to me, I realized how stupid I sounded. ‘You’ll be the first to try my sweet apples?’ How embarrassing.

Anthony was painting as usual. He was painting something really red, it was kind of scary actually. Then I saw Calamine pop out from behind the canvas and say something to him. He looked pretty excited about it and quickly took down what he was painting to start a new one. Calamine had a stupid satisfied look on her face. Or maybe that was just the way her face looked hahahaha. Anyway. I quickly got bored of watching them and went back to weeding my plants.

Once again, it was nighttime. Georgia lit the fire and called everyone to dinner. Tonight was important though. We decided it was time to make plans in case we were actually going to be stuck here for a while. Everyone quickly gathered around to start the discussions.

After a lot of debate, we decided to start building a house. Anthony and Leif were pretty good at building things and we figured the villagers next door would help us out. I even brought up the idea of fixing up the boat instead, but everyone said they were too afraid of going out into the water again, especially if we don’t even know where we are. But at least Leah looked a little happier that I at least suggested her idea. So it was decided, we would begin building our first home within the next few days. After we ate, everyone headed off to bed.

On my way to my tent, I decided to take a peek at what Anthony had spent all day painting.

I have to say, if it was of anything else I’d think it was a beautiful work of art, but this one, I just didn’t seem to like too much for some reason.


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